Environmental Activities

We currently face various environmental problems such as global warming and resource depletion, and measures to tackle them are a global challenge. For a company to be socially recognized under such conditions, it must address global environmental problems. SC Organic Chemical places environmental protection as one of the major issues making up the core of company management.

Basic philosophy

SC Organic Chemical will continuously improve and promote its environmental protection activities, recognizing that environmental problems generated as a result of business activities are major issues.

Environmental policy
  1. While conforming to the laws and regulations and agreements, the company will set its own management criteria to maintain and improve environmental protection.
  2. The company will set environmental objectives and goals to continuously improve and work for the prevention of pollution.
  3. The company will grasp, manage, and reduce environmental load generated in all of its business areas.
  4. The company will strive to develop products and establish manufacturing techniques beneficial to the environment.
  5. Basic philosophy and environmental policy will be disseminated to all employees and related parties, and also published.

January 2009
SC Organic Chemical Co., Ltd.